Fat Grafting Hawaii

Since ancient times, almost all over the world people are constantly searching prevent aging or anti-aging methods. With the passage of time and age, the human skin wrinkles is normal. Modern cosmetic surgery makes dispel the face, hands and other body parts of wrinkles as possible. You can even optimize various parts of your body through fat grafting, for example: the buttocks, cheeks and so on. Fat transplantation is a cosmetic surgical technique, which is one part of the body fat (eg: the thighs and buttocks), need fat to another site. Fat grafting allows surgeons to provide shape and smoothness of the desire for a particular part of the body.

In Honolulu, Hawaii fat grafting is by some of the world’s top cosmetic surgeons in force. Hawaii clinics to ensure patients are fat transplant surgery to understand the details, but also to ensure that they look forward to the results of surgery are realistic.

Fat grafting procedure

Under the conditions of fat grafting is a local anesthesia by cosmetic surgery or plastic surgeon to the implementation of the. First need more fat in the body parts: extracting fat (such as the thighs, buttocks), after taking the treated fat is fat filled to the desired site. The amount of fat grafting required pursuant to the site will want to reach the sensory effects and lack of correction effect may be limited. Fat transplant surgeon can make a part of the body to achieve the desired contour effect, which is mainly used for the face, buttocks and hands.

The surgery better than other surgical methods, it is because other surgical methods may involve the use of exotic materials. Fat grafting fat is made ​​from autologous, so denied the opportunity foreign body rejection.
Fat grafting surgery recovery

Fat transplantation, there will be a sense of discomfort and pain generation. Doctors will come to relieve these symptoms through medication. After surgery, will be in one or two parts used bandages to prevent blood clotting and swelling. Patients are usually able to resume their daily lives in a few days, but it will take several weeks to calm ease.

Honolulu, Hawaii is an ideal fat grafting done the Holy Land, which is reputed to be one with the most high-quality surgical and medical facilities and equipment place, but also for postoperative recovery provides an excellent environment. In Hawaii enjoy a pleasant holiday after when home becomes more younger, more attractive, would serve two purposes, the United States can not be made! Fat grafting can be with other cosmetic surgery (eg: face on to mention, laser resurfacing, etc.) are combined and used.

Buttocks fat grafting

Buttocks fat grafting is through liposuction the fat out of other parts of the body, such as: back, thighs or abdomen, and then transplanted to the buttocks. Many people prefer this method because it is having the effect of post-operative aesthetic sense. In Perth some part of our body to absorb fat through liposuction tube. The surgery is through the use of autologous fat to improve the appearance, so increasing the shape and contours of the United States and the United States are particularly effective, but also greatly reduce the possibility of infection and rejection of the foreign body. In addition, since it is the use of autologous fat, so the surgery is fairly safe. The surgery is an outpatient procedure as to the implementation of the.

The risk of hip fat grafting

Infection and bleeding is a major risk fat grafting. In addition, although the patient will immediately have a more rounded, fuller hips, buttocks fat injected into the next year may be reduced by 40%, because the fat will be re-absorbed by the body. If the hip side than the other side of the fat is absorbed more, may cause body asymmetry, which also makes it difficult to accurately postoperative results expected.
Recovery hip fat transplantation

Fat grafting breast surgery recovery period than expected recovery longer and more painful, because the hip area related to sports activities, such as road, running, and standing. Patients may also be expected in the first few weeks, Yang sit and feel pain when their backs, you also need people to help with clothing. But the pain can be controlled with medication. During recovery, bruising and swelling may occur in the buttocks area, which may also spread to the abdomen or legs. These symptoms are normal and will gradually reduce the number of days or weeks later.

Facial fat grafting

Face is perhaps the most talked about parts of the body parts. Since the generation of facial wrinkles, face can make you look bigger than your actual age more. Facial skin is very sensitive, it clearly shows the impact of time, age and stress. Whether facial blemishes is innate or acquired, to a large extent in terms of today’s nowadays, you want to get a good face is entirely possible. Fat transplantation is a cosmetic surgery, which is to autologous fat transfer from one part of the body to another site. Fat grafting also make it possible to get rid of wrinkles, which makes the skin more supple, so that looks pretty doubly.

Facial fat grafting procedure

Time facial fat grafting needed to be based on the amount of fat transplantation may be, fat grafting under local anesthesia in force. Fat is generally extracted via syringe from the thigh, the abdomen or the buttocks, after the desired treatment is injected into the fat-filled parts of the face. Cut is very small incision, the incision is almost difficult to recover the visible. Cosmetic surgeon to determine the required amount of fat transplantation according to the desired effect.
Restore facial fat transplantation

Once the end of surgery, and gradually receded when the anesthetic, the patient will have some degree of pain and discomfort, these symptoms can be improved by the drug, but also the use of a compression bandage to reduce swelling and blood clotting. Usually 3-4 days later, the patient can resume normal daily life, it is recommended that patients in a few weeks to avoid excessive physical activity. Hawaii is a wonderful place to do facial fat grafting, because you will find here a world-class surgical and medical facilities and equipment, and postoperative recovery in Hawaii is very pleasant and comfortable. At the end of your vacation, your face becomes more youthful glow; When you get home, you will feel more confident, more dynamic.

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