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Cosmetic surgery is a special art and mental discipline, it is a truly caring for human understanding.”

In the United States, can be called a standard plastic surgeon is usually as follows:

  1. Trainee must complete plastic surgery, which means that you must accept the biennium approved by at least a plastic surgery training.
  2. Surgical preparatory training must be completed before entering the plastic surgery training (first item above), the training includes three years of general surgery to 5 years of general surgery and other surgical specialties recognized.
  3. Two trained orthopedic ways: First, from the perspective of MD, and the other way is from the perspective of osteopathic medicine physicians. Both are equally subject to the state government, the federal government and hospitals (eg: Queen’s Medical Center / Queens medical Center-which is Hawaii‘s largest and most authoritative hospital) recognition. Two years of training required is also very similar, their main difference is in the application of philosophy.
  4. There is Cosmetic Surgery Association, which differ in their training requirements. The association does not require an approved plastic surgery probationary period as a prerequisite qualifications awarded. The association aims to other specialists authorized by the association hopes for cosmetic surgery in some areas to practice medicine. In Hawaii, although some have experienced cosmetic surgeon has a good reputation, and sophisticated technology, but they are not plastic surgeons.