Labia Angioplasty – Labiaplasty Hawaii

Labiaplasty is a form of plastic surgery for female labia. Labial angioplasty to restore the external shape of the labia and remodeling, which may also help to reduce the phenomenon of the labia outwards. The surgery not only in terms of recoverability female self-confidence, but also so that they no longer hesitates when wearing a swimsuit. Preoperative education and understanding of the surgery is to obtain the best results cosmetic surgery key lies, labia angioplasty as a cosmetic plastic surgery is no exception. The effect of surgery is largely understanding your surgery, and compliance with all pre-surgery and post-operative instructions basis.

Our clinic will ensure that you fully understand the labia forming surgery and postoperative recovery of post-operative care. Before surgery, you need to take antibiotics and analgesics, which can make you more likely to feel comfortable after surgery.

We will also provide you with postoperative care package, with proper care and guidance for their labia angioplasty. This kit contains the basic nursing care needed goods, however, the use of vaginal pads and perhaps a good nursing. For all of our cosmetic surgery clinic in Hawaii, we will provide the patient a series of written instructions, which contains a series of inventory needed to avoid the use of drugs, such as: aspirin, at least to avoid the use of preoperative two weeks.

Labia angioplasty procedure

Labia angioplasty may be imposed under sedation and local anesthesia state. Natural skin folds of the labia to cut notches (The purpose of this is to make the cut after less conspicuous). Then, removal of the labia tissue resection depends on the effect of the patient ultimately want to achieve, to construct a beautiful labia.
Labia risk angioplasty

All cosmetic surgery have a certain degree of risks and complications, labia angioplasty is no exception, it can bring scarring and infection. Despite these risks are not common, but sometimes there is the likelihood of occurrence. According to the implementation of the operation most surgeons say that complications is very low, ranging from 1% to 3%.

Rare complication that may occur:

• blood clotting
• Infection
• skin effect losses
• uneven lip
• loss of feeling / pain
• scarring
• labia grow again

Complications labia angioplasty is extremely rare. In the initial consultation, we will thoroughly discuss with you, and medical background checks, but also preoperative appointment. There will always be issues of concern to the patient to give our expert observations and recommendations, not just to improve the appearance, as well as concern for the patient’s health. The degree of risk of any surgery depends on your choice of surgeon, labia angioplasty should be practiced by trained, experienced drywall and plastic surgeons authorized to implementation. In short strict compliance with the doctor is  suggested by preoperative and postoperative instructions, helps reduce complications labia angioplasty.


By American Society of Plastic Surgeons licensed plastic surgeon – Our clinic specializes in the labia angioplasty, vaginoplasty and many other female cosmetic surgery.

Childbirth is an important cause of vaginal muscle relaxation and weakness, but also include other factors such as aging and hereditary also plays an important role. The final result is a vaginal relaxation, reduced sensitivity, leading to sexual pleasure decreases. Vaginoplasty, otherwise known as vaginal tightening surgery, can re-enable the vagina tighten the vagina to restore sexual pleasure can increase the degree of “virgin” state. Many women can not birth to increase their sexual pleasure by vaginoplasty.

Vaginoplasty to restore and tighten the vagina, through the removal of its excess mucous membranes, and repair of soft tissue to achieve. The surgery will restore the vagina to “pre-education” status, which allows you to experience better sexual pleasure in sex. Vaginoplasty is a surgical repair and reconstruction of major surgery, but most of the labia angioplasty is for purely cosmetic effect.

Labiaplasty FAQ’s

Often implemented labiaplasty?

Yes it is. Our Hawaii clinic patients from various parts of the world, basically speaking, we implemented a week once the surgery.

My gynecologist also implemented the surgery, is this any different?

Although many gynecologists also implemented the surgery, but when they pick training, positioning for functional problems, but the plastic surgeon is aimed at the aesthetic issue, more important is the surgeon’s experience and technology. We are an experienced surgeon labia angioplasty.

Why should I choose you?

Our surgeons are one of the top training received by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Association and authorized by plastic surgeons.

Labia angioplasty consulting what is it?

When you contact us, we will make an appointment to consult with your time. Then, you will first meet with our consultants, consultants will ensure the smooth progress of your advice, but also provide you with the appropriate information in writing and fund-raising plans. Then, we will meet with you, look at your specific situation and the necessary information and advice labia angioplasty and surgery will provide you with a written offer, and timing.

How long labia angioplasty?

In our implementation of the labia Hawaii angioplasty clinic usually takes one hour, while also depending on whether it is a single labia angioplasty or whether simultaneously with other cosmetic surgery purposes may be.

Labia angioplasty procedure if there is pain?

Will not. Labiaplasty is implemented under anesthesia, local anesthesia and general anesthesia may be used. We will make every effort to ensure that you feel comfortable during the procedure.

During angioplasty labia recovery, whether there will be pain?

According speaking, our patients pain is very small, and can be provided by our analgesic controlled. Pain may be a sign of complications, such as hematomas. If this happens, you need to contact us promptly. Our state outside the patient can still enjoy the beautiful views and participate in some activities in Hawaii after surgery, however, until you are fully recovered to swim in the sea.

Labia angioplasty produces scar it?

Resected tissue type is not organized like other parts of the body as easily generate visible scars, such as facial skin. Our technique is that we only operate in the mucosa (like tissue in your mouth like), and combined, the doctor’s technology is to follow the principles of natural skin folds, so that will not leave easy to see the scars.

Labia angioplasty sex life will be affected?

Angioplasty sexual pleasure labia majora initial basis of the extent of the deformity. Before the surgery, if due to excessive labial tissue affects sex life, then you and your partner will consciousness after surgery significantly improved.

Is there a way to change the color of the labia and the surrounding area?

It should be based on the specific circumstances, however, in most cases, its color is changed can be achieved by non-labial labial angioplasty angioplasty.

Labia angioplasty can open the whole cosmetic surgery and other purposes with it?

Yes it is. In our clinic in Hawaii, we had countless times while implementation labia angioplasty, breast surgery and liposuction.

The purposes of laser angioplasty labia?

Laser angioplasty refers to the labia majora purposes of removal by laser to complete. The implementation of beneficial uses laser surgery also has disadvantages. We will work with you to do a detailed discussion. We hope to make a choice before you fully understand the details of each surgical technique.

Labiaplasty recovery period is how long?

You must try to be less active, in order to reduce the pressure of the surgical field. You can resume sexual activity after surgery is usually 4-6 weeks.

If I lived in other places, how I can remotely consult it?

You can on our website via email send your digital photos, in addition, you can also Skype online with us face to face consultation. This is especially helpful for those people outside the state to make a special trip to Hawaii labia angioplasty.