Tummy Tuck – Abdominoplasty Hawaii

Many men and women on their abdomen shape very satisfied. Although they eat and exercise that knot, but still allows the abdomen smooth or remove excess abdominal fat. Generate reasons for excess fat or skin relaxation include: pregnancy, age, gravity, genes and diet and so on. Hawaii plastic surgery in the abdomen our clinic, can tighten abdominal muscles, while also eliminate the excess sagging or loose skin, giving your belly a smoother and smoother contours. If your body is only a small part does not look flat, then liposuction may be all you need.

In view of this, the diagnostic consultation will contribute according to your body type and health conditions to achieve your expectations. Currently, there are three kinds of abdominal plastic surgery techniques, in large part, for you, the best technology is based on your goals and specific circumstances. For example: liposuction alone can create a thin abdominal wall for some individuals. However, if you loose or excess skin below your navel, a mini abdominoplasty may be more suitable for you. For those who have severe abdominal muscles or skin relaxation, the full “Tummy Tuck” Abdominoplasty is their only option. For individuals who have experienced a lot of weight loss, the only way to get rid of them loose and overhanging belly skin is plastic.

Abdominoplasty “Tummy Tuck” statistics

Tummy Tuck AbdominoplastyIn 2006, abdominal plastic surgery in the United States is ranked fourth most popular surgery after breast surgery, liposuction and blepharoplasty. (American Association of Aesthetic Plastic / American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).
Recovery of abdominal plastic surgery

If your body is in good condition, the general will soon be restored, usually need two weeks time. For patients with less adaptation time president may recover a little.

A few hours after surgery, the patient will stay in the recovery room. To avoid infection, antibiotics should regularly and on time. In addition, the patient must pay attention to observe whether postoperative fever phenomenon, because fever is a sign of infection. For at least 24 hours after surgery, doctors recommend that patients using semi-inclined posture, the reason this proposal is not easy because the patient lying down posture up.
Swelling and bleeding generate

After plastic surgery patients may feel abdominal swelling, and found to have bleeding, these are completely normal and not a sign unsuccessful surgery. Of course, there is no need to worry and fear. The swelling in medicine refers edema, which is excessive fluid accumulation actions. But with the passage of time, swelling and bleeding will slowly subside.
Bath Notice

Under normal circumstances, we recommend at least two days after the patient not to bathe or shower, but for some patients, we are not even a week after the bath is recommended, instead of using a sponge gently scrub. When can bathe, we also recommend that patients with low-pressure water, and only wet the back area.


In at least three weeks after surgery to avoid aerobic exercise, but walking is feasible, because it actually helps to prevent blood clotting, and relieve swelling.

Produce scarring can be foreseen. In turn for the better before scar usually looks bad, but this will vary with time and gradually subsided. And the site of where the scar is hidden, can be covered by clothing.

Complications and risks

Despite the profound power of capital can result Tummy Tuck surgeon very different, however, all but surgery has risks and uncertainties, which should be based on the patient in terms of health status and psychological qualities.

The primary risk is that the surgery anesthetic or other drugs for allergic patients, another risk is that the patient continues to bleed after surgery, although this risk is very rare occurrence, but there is this possibility. In this case, the need for additional surgery to discharge blood accumulation in the body.

Because blood does not flow, and also the possible formation of blood clotting. Let yourself more mobile as early as possible and keep active, helps by increasing blood flow to reduce the risk. If due to insufficient blood supply to cause fat cell death, fat cells may become like orange and clear liquid flows out.

After surgery, the patient’s abdominal region may have some degree of numbness, because most of the abdominal tissue is adjusted during cosmetic surgery in the abdomen; the abdominal tissue is cut off and reconnection, abdomen or nerves may be tensioned division. Therefore, some patients may permanently lose feeling, but most patients are able to fully recover.

In addition, re-organization and re-adjust the abdomen may also cause a temporary drop-down belly deformation, the reaction is even easier to produce in the recovery process, but this can be removed by liposuction or surgery to treat the skin. In addition, the shape of the navel may also change.

In addition, the patient may or may not experience postoperative pain. If necessary, analgesics or pain of injection can be used for analgesia. Life-threatening situation is very rare, such as severe bleeding, infections and lung problems. These risks generated mainly in smokers or people with diabetes.

Overall,in consultation communication is extremely important, it will help you better understand the surgery and related personal risk.