Facelift Hawaii – Rhytidectomy

Facelift HawaiiOn the facelift surgery (Rhytidectomy) is to improve the face and neck aging phenomena A surgical approach. Due to the ongoing phenomenon of aging, facial skin and muscles begin to lose their elasticity, the process provides intraoperative facial Although aging can not be terminated, but it by re-tightening facial skin and remove excess fat so that face to regain youth. For the different stages of the aging process, with a variety of different ways to make your stay young. In our clinic in Hawaii, we will provide the necessary services for your special needs.
Traditionally, the face is divided into three parts:

  1.      on the face, including the eyebrows, forehead, the eyes, temples, bridge of the nose area and the area above.
  2.      in the face, including the nasolabial fold, under the eyes, nose and cheeks.
  3.      in the face, including the lower cheek, jaw and neck.

Aging of the face have different phases. Endoscopic face lift surgery in endoscopic forehead lift surgery and perhaps the best way to face ministry and central regions of early aging is handled. Rhytidectomy (traditional cosmetic surgery) treatment of facial aging problem late, which usually handles the lower neck and face. These procedures can be implemented individually or simultaneously with other surgery, according to the needs of specific facial youth to be restored. Even, you may be suitable for non-surgical cosmetic, such as Thermage (plastic Fumiko) Wrinkle Firming lift.

Cosmetic Consultation

As mentioned, the different types of cosmetic surgery are collectively referred to as “cosmetic surgery.” Our Hawaii clinic will give you choose the most suitable for your cosmetic surgery. Like many people, you probably feel very nervous to undergo surgery, but we believe that after you exchange with us, you will never regret a decision, because our goal is to make you feel comfortable and at ease.

Neck lift surgery

Do you realize that the skin underneath your chin or neck begins to sag or lose the charm? If so, you may be put on a bit neck surgery candidates. Provided on the neck during surgery, excess fat is sucked out, and the excess skin is trimmed off carefully. The remaining skin is then tightened and fixed in place with attached resilient protection to aid in wound healing. If you are referred to the neck have any questions, please contact us directly today.
Surgery to remove forehead wrinkles

Forehead wrinkles make us look tired, frustrated and aging. Rhytidectomy forehead lines and by tightening the skin on the amount in advance, thus removing wrinkles and expression lines. The net effect is to give you the appearance of youthful glow. Rhytidectomy wrinkles in process, the first notch cut in the hairline to avoid visibility of the scar. Pass Kuilai doctors (Dr. Pasquale) then cut the excess tissue and muscle (which makes drooping eyebrows), and then lift and tighten the skin to make the skin smoother and younger. To learn forehead rhytidectomy is appropriate to you, please contact us today.
Mini-incision surgery to remove forehead wrinkles

In endoscopic face lift process usually younger people (whose forehead is being generated) Endoscopy (miniature camera) is inserted under the skin to help tighten the skin on the mentioned muscles. Forehead rhytidectomy is often combined with other facial cosmetic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic surgery, including surgery on the face lift, proteins and botulinum toxin injection, or blepharoplasty. Want to know whether you are suitable for micro incision forehead rhytidectomy, please contact us today and schedule a consultation.

Facelift surgery

Sun exposure, natural aging process and changes in body weight makes relaxation and sagging skin, causing wrinkles and wattles. On the face lift surgery is a removal of facial wrinkles and smooth facial skin surgery, aims to achieve the purpose of restoring youthful face. New and tight skin will make you look young and old. During the surgery, doctors Kuilai Paz (Dr. Pasquale) will be very careful in the hairline, ears or chin cut incision, excess skin is lifted and was removed. Then, the tightening of the skin and the remaining features in the proper position every joint. In order to achieve a more beautiful effect, put the usual facial surgery combined with other cosmetic procedures such as liposuction and neck lift surgery, or the eye.

Ear plastic surgery

The human ear is a wonderful organ; ears have many different shapes and sizes. In some extreme cases, abnormal ears and jug ears to bring a troubling social and emotional. Ear plastic surgery is a by changing the shape and size of the ear, the ear to restore the natural appearance of the surgery, and ultimately restore the individual‘s self-confidence and overall appearance. Ear plastic surgery is usually under local anesthesia plus sedation case implementation. The surgical incision is cut behind the ear, using a variety of different ways in the ear cartilage remodeling, to obtain its desired shape. After surgery, bruising and swelling should subside within two weeks, the new shape will continue to reshape the ear within 6-8 weeks. Surgical scars will be hidden in the ear, and continuous improvement within 2 years. In the cartilage continues to grow and heal, the surgical results are sometimes unpredictable. If you are interested in knowing ear plastic surgery, please just contact us today.