Rhinoplasty Surgery – Nose Job Hawaii

You may change your nose to the shape and size of the long-awaited, rhinoplasty (nose job) can help you achieve your desire to make your nose more aesthetically pleasing, this surgery can also correct breathing abnormalities and problems due to the internal structure of the nose caused by other functional problems. This this surgical procedure, the incision is made in the opening edge of the nose, so that in order to avoid visibility of the scar. Then, the removal of excess nasal cartilage, and bones carefully repositioned to re-set the nose shape. If you think your rhinoplasty surgery is suitable for you, please contact us today.

Rhinoplasty "Nose Job" SurgeryHeart of beauty in everyone. Everyone wants to have a beautiful appearance, not only to allow others to make themselves feel but also look attractive and charming. Cosmetic surgery is to give the body from the aesthetic perspective correction and re-shaping, rhinoplasty is one of an extremely popular cosmetic surgery, which allows individuals to carry out their nose reshaping. From an ideal perspective, surgeons often pointed out as an adult to accept the surgery, so benefit from the normal growth of the nose area. For men, better later. However, as long as both the physical and mental health, but no age limit. Nose jobs can be combined with other facial cosmetic surgery such as: facial surgery and eyelid surgery on to mention, such as combined and used. We encourage our patients to talk about their views and expectations for surgery, so they can manifest a realistic point of view.

Rhinoplasty can help ease birth defects or because of injuries caused by defects, but also help to alleviate breathing problems. From a purely aesthetic point of view, rhinoplasty can increase and decrease the size of the nose, change the shape of the nose. The surgery by cosmetic or plastic surgeon purposes, and completed under local or general anesthesia situation. Rhinoplasty usually takes 1-2 hours, time will vary depending on the need for surgery. First, the skin and nasal separately, and then sculpture a keen nose shape, then the skin back into proper position. Rhinoplasty can also be implemented in the nasal open incision, which will not leave visible scars. “Open surgery”, often requires a small column in the nose to make a small incision, once the surgery is completed, it will use a splint to support the nose, and maintain its new shape. Further, also to support the use of nasal septum (the partition which acts as a flow passage of the nose).

Recovery Period

After surgery, the nose will feel swelling and pain around the eyes, there will be pain, medications and cold compresses can be used to alleviate the discomfort. When lying down, the patient is recommended to keep his head above the rest of the body position. In the initial surgery, a small amount of blood is normal. Do not blow your nose is also recommended by nose surgeons. About 10 days or so, remove the sutures, the patient can return to normal daily life. However, after a few weeks to avoid strenuous activity increases blood pressure and exercise until the doctor agreed to so far. To fully recover from surgery usually requires a year’s time. Remember, the doctor’s appointment is extremely important.